My Secret Foot Fetish

As the mayor of Toronto, I’ve always been known for my ambitious plans to improve the city. But what most people don’t know is that I have a secret fetish – I have a thing for feet. At first, I tried to ignore it, thinking it was just a passing phase. But as time went… Continue reading My Secret Foot Fetish

The heat of summer

Greetings Torontonians, Your friend and former mayor here. I was taking a stroll the other day in the wretched humidity and decided to cut my walk short for fear that my asthma would hinder my ability to walk or control my bladder much longer. I’d like to talk to you about the upcoming mayoral election.… Continue reading The heat of summer

Still here, folks!

Hey Toronto! Much to the dismay of my enemies, I am still alive and kicking (quite hard , might I add) After the G20 ripped through our great city and took the most sincere innocence that this once great city possessed, I have been weeping dearly, locked deep within my mansion inside my bedroom. My… Continue reading Still here, folks!

What a beautiful spring!

Greetings Torontonians, I haven’t updated my blog here in a while and I’ve decided to take the time to make an update today. I am absolutely enjoying the beautiful weather lately, I can’t wait for the temperatures to continue rising. I love to take long walks by myself in my North York neighborhood and breathe… Continue reading What a beautiful spring!