Finally its summer!

Greetings Torontonians,

I just stepped outside today and it is a BEAUTIFUL day! Truly a great time to be alive, I must say.

This summer got off to a slow start, most definitely. I was thinking of the many summers I missed during my time as Mayor of Toronto and it makes me think of how great it is to finally have the time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Marilyn JUST walked into the door with two subs from our favourite Italian restaurant, Virtuozzo’s (2 blocks south of Me Square).

Talk to you soon!




  1. Please run for Mayor!!! Please make Toronto what it was! If not, at least counsel the new Mayor. You ran North York as a business, much the same as Hazel does and it works!! Those people at City Hall discussing for almost an hour about someone’s tree on the day Obama made his first speech.

    Sir, they are so stupid. You were the only one who could even come close to doing amalgamation. You did a great job as always.

    I’ve been a Mel and big boy fan for years and years.

    Good luck to you Sir. Best to your wonderful wife.


  2. Just about to start working for big boy here in London. Any success tips from the seasoned pro?

  3. Mel if you or your son sees this please call me. I respect you and big boys and bought all our furniture there in Aug. Still waiting for some with no returned call,
    I buy Canadian

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