Fall is just around the corner

Hey friends,

Your former Mayor here.

I can start to see fall coming, just around the corner! Fall is truly a wondrous time; a change of seasons brings a crisp and refreshing outlook. Soon it will be Halloween, then Christmas, then New Years!

During my tenure as mayor of our great city, Toronto, I always enjoyed the fall resumption of city policy development, and a general return to politics after the (usual) slow summer days.

I sure do miss the hustle and bustle of Fall @ City Hall — I look back at those days with fond memories.

Marilyn is calling me, I think she needs help getting out of the bathtub.

Until next time!

– Mel


  1. Dear Mayor Mel,
    Our Retirement Residence will be celebrating our grand re-opening in November. You were on hand in 1987 at the ground turning event, and it would be a very great honour if you would again consider attending this event. In fact, one of our residents is a former assistant to you. Please feel free to contact me at the above email so that I can send you more details.
    Warmest regards,
    Amanda Gordon

  2. with great respect we would like to here from you to personal email regarding a barbara duhacek a former employee. again with great respect

  3. Dear Mr. Lastman

    I have recently returned from a very upsetting and awful experience at your big boy store in London that has left me shaking with anger.

    I always respected you as a mayor for your dedication to the people of Toronto where I lived for 18 years of my life. I have to believe that if you knew the kind of customer service that is being delivered at the store that bears your name, you would step in and change some policies.

    I went in yesterday to purchase 3 appliances for my home. Things were going well until the sales manager spent about 10 minutes convincing me to purchase extended warranty. I was feeling pressured and had to get home, so I finally agreed. When I returned home, I still felt very uncomfortable with the purchase of extended warranty, so I called the store to ask if I could get out of it.

    I spoke with the sales rep who said he needed to clear it with his boss (the sales manager that helped me earlier). I was put on hold for about 15 minutes and when the sales rep finally returned, he said he had told his boss and was told that it’s really in my best interest to have the warranty and that he would call me when he’s free from customers to discuss further. I agreed and waited, but did not receive a phone call.

    Not having received a call back the following day (today) I decided to go call again. I was told neither the sales rep nor the manager could come to the phone but that they would call me back within 1 hour. 3 hours later, I still had not received a call. At this point I was getting very upset – after spending over $4000, I was disappointed at the lack of response.

    I decided to do some more price shopping and went to Sears where I got incredible service. Far superior to the service I received at big boy the previous day. They not only agreed to match the price, they decided to beat it bringing it $1000 below the big boy price.

    So I went to big boy and was greeted by the same sales rep who helped me the day before. He asked if I had gotten a call back from the sales manager. I told him that I hadn’t and that I wanted to cancel the order. I explained that I was unhappy that , after spending more than $4000 at the store, noone returned my call and that I had gotten a price $1000 below what they quoted me.

    I was asked to sit down and waited almost 20 minutes before the sales manager came to speak to me. At this time, he took the bill from Sears with very few words exchanged, and went to his office letting me sit for another 20 minutes. I was finally called into his office where I was treated like a liar and basically interrogated about the details of the Sears quote. They also told me that Sears would never be able to honour that quote, which I think is tremendously unprofessional. I told them there was no point in getting caught up in the numbers because the experience had made me not want to do business with them at all. At that point he told me that I was locked into a contract and that he would not be able to cancel the agreement.

    As you can imagine, this sent me through the roof. At no point during the discussions the previous day was I told that I was signing a legally binding agreement and that all sales were final. When I escalated the issue to the General Manager, he was equally unsympathetic and made up a million excuses for the fact that the sales manager didn’t return my call and also defended them for not telling me that the sale was final and that I was entering into a legally binding agreement.

    I have further escalated the issue to the corporate sales manager and expect that I will be refunded my money. I feel like I was coerced into a deal that I didn’t want to be in and received the worst possible customer service imaginable. I don’t think this behaviour speaks to your values and wanted to bring it to your attention since your name is associated with that store and therefore the experience that customers experience there.


  4. I am writing you on behalf of the Fashion History Museum in Cambridge, Ontario. We recently acquired a dress worn by Marilyn Lastman while you were mayor of Toronto. Is there any way I can look at images of events where you and Marilyn were in attendance to find out what year the dress was worn? Is there a Lastman archives at City Hall? How can I go about finding out more information about the dress. It is by Maggie Reeves, which I know was Marilyn’s favourite dressmaker. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    Jonathan Walford
    Curatorial Director
    Fashion History Museum

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