2010 : A new year ; New hope for Toronto

Greetings Friends,

I am looking out of my study window at my home in North York as I write this. The sky is a crisp and clear blue. I can sense the coming spring — just around the corner.

Like most of you, I am counting down the days until we can get excited about change. Change in seasons, change in weather, and change in our great city.

With the Toronto Mayoral elections approaching this coming fall (October 25th — mark it on your calendars!), I cant help but to get excited about the prospect of change. Political shakeups are constantly promised during these times. Will they happen?

I can sense that this is a time for change for Toronto. I would love to be 10 years younger at this point. My drive and ambitions have slowly faded over the years. I have a consistent feeling of watching everything pass me by. As if I am watching everyone from behind a window — a pane of glass where no one can hear me or see me.

That’s life, I suppose. You approach your peak, driven by your energy, accomplish your goals and eventually slide downward into obscurity; the slow descent that we call ‘old age’.

Marilyn calls it our ‘golden years’, however I see nothing golden about it. She excitedly claims that we will have more time to spend together, but somehow that doesn’t excite me. The thought of spending one minute in the same room as her makes my palms sweat and turns my stomach.

Last night she forgot to flush the toilet after spending almost 45 minutes in there. I don’t think she has much time left.

Thanks for listening,



  1. Toronto Chinese Media Network would like to invite you to present Toronto Chinese Media Award (Politics category) to the recipient (Toronto City Councillors)on Feb 12, 2010 @ 6:30pm – 10:30pm in Chinese Media Chinese New Year Charity Dinner in Markham. My phone: 416-200-8900. Wish you and your wife a happy 2010.

  2. I don’t know the best way to get in touch with you, so I will try your blog. I have formed a committee in Whitby to create a world class performing art centre. This idea is not new to the area, but I feel our proposal is better than the one our town was looking at. I have rapidly growing public support including from within town council. Although you already have a square named after yourself, your didication to our province and the arts makes me believe you could help us immensely. I would love to speak with you on the matter and possibly bring your experience to our team in an advisory capacity. Your fan, Nick.

  3. Hi Mr Mayor,

    Toronto resident since 1951 and through those years to my thinking you were head and shoulders the best Mayor this City has seen, how we miss your direction now. In addition I knew Sheila when we were teens. Well it has always been..”if you want something done give it to Mel”…I came across a 1917 very ornate Hockey Cup where Kensington won the Spalding Midget Ind. League. Not exactly earth shattering but it has become a mission for me to hunt down as much information as possible and I’m hoping Mayor Mel can direct me to any books or referance to this..my best regards and thank you for your dedication and leadership of this fine city..Debbiedonovan@rogers.com…Mike

  4. Mayor Mel…Uncle Mel…Beloved Mel
    I’d just like to say that I feel that you’ve been the best Mayor of Toronto in my generation. You never were a real politician, and I mean that in the best of compliments. You saw things realistically and you took challenges head on. To this day, I’ll always regard the now infamous snow storm to which you enlisted none other than the army (!) to help our city mobilize again. That had to take a lot of courage and a lot of flack from your immature and unrealistic critics. But that was a class act. Try not to look back at some of the things the press accused you of, true or not. No one’s perfect, but if there’s anyone that deserves to have their imperfections taken with a grain of salt and put aside, it’s you. Thank you for giving us the best possible leadership as a Mayor. Don’t let your unappreciative critics get you down!

  5. Dear Your Honour: I have been recognized asa maxillofacial surgeon based on emails from Israel. I want to make aliyah immediately. From Appleby College, hazing by 5 men stole my passports, ID, tallit, personal papers, including, White House credentials, all of my wallets and my belongings. I heard this information surreptitiously from RCMP. I have been locked up in a penitentiary and at CAMH prison now due to foul play by: Jimmy Wilson, Charles Hevesy, Robert Andrews, Robbie Gairdner, and Tommy Smallman. I am building in Israel my wrist watch telephone, a new weapon from my Uzi drawings called an Ezee. How soon may I go home, my parent’s Bob & Audrey Singer, won’t help me get out, nor donate ever to Israel. I want to go home with my four “Singer” children, that the JFCS are preventing me from celebrating a Bar Mitzvah with, and seeing. I am suing for the Jacob Singer estate, could you please help me, your Honour, to make Aliyah to Israel? I abhor psychiatry it has been my downfall from succeeding here as a surgeon. My great grandfather, Jacob in addition to vast down town real estate holdings in Toronto, opened the Mt. Sinai Hospital from a 23 bedroom because they wouldn’t allow Jews in the Toronto General Hospital. What legally does it take for me to leave CAMH without medication that I vahemently object to?

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