Giambrone : You Narrowed Alot More Than Landsdowne

Greetings Friends,

Now I’m not one to personally get involved in a Mayoral election race. Especially since I have long since vowed to stay out of active politics since retiring as one of the longest running mayors in Canada.

Many people have stopped me on the streets and asked, “why does politics have to be so dirty”? Honestly, I don’t know how to respond. Politics has dirt embedded in its grains, if you ask me. Especially within municipal politics, where I have reigned for so many years.

Sometimes people grab me and try to shake the truth out of me — the media only is able to point their glaring cameras in a two dimensional direction, capturing the face of the issue in such a limited way. People are desperate to understand how it all works — what it actually takes to make it in politics within this great city of ours.

All I can say is that there are more dimensions in existence other than the limited depth that our media outlets are able to illustrate. There is a 3rd dimension called the “inner circle” within city politics. Most of this consists of half truths and unspoken understandings, loose credit and “owed favors”. Much of the city is run this way, with no one person possessing enough power to actually accomplish anything meaningful. This forces compromise and backroom dealing. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

There is two more dimensions, the 4th and 5th respectively. The 4th dimension consists of a spiritual plane of energy that only certain people are able to learn how to harness. People who are able to manipulate this complex thread of energy that runs throughout the entire universe are able to utilize it to manipulate other weaker people, as well as move objects with their thoughts and control small animals. This ability is possessed by almost all modern politicians that have been “elected” to office currently.

This has never been spoken of until now.

The 5th and final dimension is one that has, up until now, been a completely guarded and secure secret. People have literally disappeared mysteriously because of this. The 5th dimension is somewhat connected to the 4th in that it involves that same thread of energy that runs throughout the entire universe. However, the main difference is that the people who are able to harness and observe this dimension are able to actually separate that complex thread into 3 sub-threads : Garminthe, Brathe and Galganothe.

These sub threads can be utilized to control far more interesting things, in my opinion. Garminthe can affect the air and moisture around you, within a certain vicinity depending on your energy levels. This control can harness and move the air and moisture and be manipulated in such a way as to perform specifically directed attacks towards your enemy.

Brathe is the energy associated with sight and perception — those who are able to manipulate this energy are able to control the perception of things and thus the very foundation of belief, truth and understanding as is seen by the weaker people.

Galganothe is the ability to control the sub thread that runs through all living things. Controlling this thread could theoretically allow you to manipulate people, animals and basically all living things.

This, my friends, is how our political system works.


  1. Now I can’t say I know a whole hell of a lot about politics. What’s a Giambrone anyway? Sounds like pizza place, they any good? ‘Cuz at this one place I got 2 mediums for $17.99, 3 toppings – but they don’t have parmesan so I’m all like WHAT-EVER-SONYA, next time we go with Giambrone’s – ‘cuz Mr. Lastman said so.

    That aside.

    What I wanna know is more about these dimensions and sub-threads. How susceptible am I to these attacks? How do I know when I am being controlled? Has politics always been this confusing? How do I compare to a small animal, in terms of energy levels. Do Garminthe, Brathe, or Galganothe listen to prayer – ritual sacrifice? Would they like Giambrone’s pizza?

    You complete me.

  2. Lucien,

    Questioning the very foundation of your own perception of the world is the first step towards enlightenment. It is important to be able to step outside of yourself to verify that you are not being manipulated by an outside source.

    Since many of these sub-threads are controlled with the objective of manipulation in mind, this is very important for you to remember.

  3. Garminthe = GPS
    Brathe = Chaotik character
    Galgonthe = San Galgano

    Therefore, the surmise to these cryptic references suggest:
    1. Know your direction and heading
    2. Be invisible and strike suddenly
    3. Stick your sword into a rock to make your point.

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