What a beautiful spring!

Greetings Torontonians,

I haven’t updated my blog here in a while and I’ve decided to take the time to make an update today.

I am absolutely enjoying the beautiful weather lately, I can’t wait for the temperatures to continue rising. I love to take long walks by myself in my North York neighborhood and breathe in the cool damp air; To inhale the wonderful rain scented air is one of my favorite things to do during spring time.

Marilyn doesn’t quite understand my obsession with the weather, enveloping each changing season and taking in every possible moment. I am trying to enjoy the last moments (if you will) of my life. These are my golden years and even though I have enjoyed many summers, many winters and many falls, I feel the need to really enjoy these last few that I have left during my time on this earth.

Marilyn has been moaning in her sleep more and more at night. She says strange things in her sleep. I think her time is running out as well.


  1. Yes Mel, it has been a beautiful Spring…however, your franchie BADBOY Furniture in Whitby and the customer service is determined to put a big damper on a beautiful season. I bought a front load washer and dryer there in Whitby in 2007 and let your salesman talk me into an extended warranty (GOLDEN)…well lets just say, I’ve been getting the run around for 2 weeks on getting a repairman here…your manager Shane @ Whitby store told me nonchalantly “It’s not my our problem”….the clerk @ the Whitby store was supposed to look into it and get back to us before she went home…..but obviously…it wasnt her problem either!!! We have bought almost everything we have for years from your Whitby store and have not had any problems…I hate to bother you with this, however you are my last resort…nobody else seems to care…..we are taking our laundry to the laundry mat and would like to seek reimbursement for these costs due to the delay in getting a repairman….I even offered to call one in myself and get it fixed and have them bill BADBOY….but they wouldn’t let me do that either…….never have I ever had such an experience with your franchise…..PLEASE HELP US get our machine fixed by honouring your golden warranty program and firing all these employee’s who seem determined to drive your company into the ground!!! I am counting on you Mel!!!

    The Edgars
    Bill #481210/481211

  2. Hi Mel,
    You were the best mayor!
    I met you once, and you agreed to judge an ice fishing contest with the earl haig secondary school ice fishing team.
    I think that kicked ass.
    Moe Rosen

  3. Hello Sir, don’t despair on aging, someone still needs you and the good lord will add years to your life.
    I need you besides. There was a time I sent you a letter which snowballed in terms of getting the Premier and the Prime minister of Canada involved. Something about the waterfront. I have a Mayor of Toronto proposal which includes TTC routes, Waterfront Improvement, Jobs, Hydro, Branding and remarketing Toronto world wide, plus a few other things. I have contacted Mayor Miller on a few important TTC safety issues which got positive results. So then, if I were to run for Mayor of Toronto, I know I have the winning package but lack history.
    I can’t say everything but I am politically involved right now. I need your help as a friend. You wont be disappointed. I must say your term in office was the most entertaining. Please contact me, you know who else I can trust, “NO BODY”, especially when the plan is worth millions +. You’ve inspired me to get involved at a higher level, thanks.

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