Still here, folks!

Hey Toronto!

Much to the dismay of my enemies, I am still alive and kicking (quite hard , might I add)

After the G20 ripped through our great city and took the most sincere innocence that this once great city possessed, I have been weeping dearly, locked deep within my mansion inside my bedroom. My only communication with the outside world until this point has been with Marilyn through our complex intercom system that is networked throughout all 47 rooms in my North York home.

Marilyn’s own communication to me eventually grew to a series of predetermined mumbles and groans as she became weak from me being locked in my room; She is normally used to me feeding her a regiment of pre-chewed bananas and thick laxative shakes to clear out her infected colon and prevent any further infection.

Unfortunately I took it upon myself to seclude myself after the atrocities committed by anarchists and scum alike.

Not to mention Rob Ford, the jolly mayoral candidate standing his ground and voting a vehement “NO” to the city council’s resolution to commend our brave police officers.

“Why was it important to vote no?” , you might ask Mr. Ford.

“Because I think that the police did a terrible job”, Ford responded during media questions, in his signature weasel voice.

Well done, Robbie.

Marilyn’s colon has been exuding blood so I am off to the hospital to have her condition investigated further. I should not have left her alone, however I felt I had a higher calling of late.


  1. Hello Mr. Mel Lastman!
    I hope all is going well with you and your wife Marilyn. I understand what you maybe going through because I do am a retiree of the City of Toronto, who is a caregiver of 13 years to my wife Andree with multiple scoliosis. She is living at home with me and my two beautiful teenage daughters. Although we are challenged we are still a happy family and hoping to try to keep that way as long as we can. I do have a pet peeve about your Lastman’s BAY BOY furniture, appliance store. Let me explain. About 3 weeks ago I discussed with my younger teenage daughter that I might consider upgrading her old bedroom furniture with new or refinishing because I did so for my older daughter with fibromyalgia, 7 years earlier and she felt that since she did so well in school with 87% average in grade 9 that I should consider to do likewise for her. She and I decided to shop along Kennedy business district for furniture. Our last stop that day was bag boy and we saw some furniture which we might like to buy in the near future. The sales rep Lal 276 suggested that we not to buy at that time because they were having a special sale on Friday July 16, 2010, and he would give us special coupons, issued, dated and times agreed upon. We agreed and we arrived at 8am Friday to same sales person, with room plan dimensions. We were told that they did not have anything else to offer us either than the one we had chosen due to our room needing a double bed whereas only queen size beds were available. We both agreed that the display model we meant to buy had a major warp to the bed side rail and that alone was reason not to buy any further. However, since the sale rep remembered that a mattress was on his list of our needs, and at that time he knew I wanted to please my daughter who was with me. I decided to buy it at their suggested price of $1221.14. My plans for that day was to attend a Toronto Catholic school board workshop at St. Martha’s which I went late because of the sale, as well, to do a compare shopping at the Scarborough town centre Lazzy Boy furniture which was scheduled upon my return home from my stop over at Centennial College doing homework. Also upon my returned home, I discussed my decision with my daughter not to purchase the bag boy mattress because I felt that the timing was not appropriate. The reasons, my older daughter was going to college in September, and the night before I requested a furniture tradesperson come to our home to give us a quote to furnish the younger daughter bedroom furniture. Now, since I promised my daughter to check the specials at bagboy we went as scheduled any way. We discussed with the Manager, Robert our concerns, of change of mind due to family issues and concerns which I stated earlier. Robert recommendations were that only a credit was available because of company policy and or else 25% holdback fee otherwise. He apologized that that was the company policy and the contract stated no refunds. I acknowledged the written contract and agreed with his terms of solution to 25% holdback. The partial refund was for $843.11. It was also agreed on the original contract that delivery would be after I would give one week notice. The partial refund was given the same day at 7:30pm. I feel the manager Robert made a hastily judgment call because he felt that he was not unreasonable in not returning the full refund as I had requested. Thank you for allowing me to address my concerns. Keep well, and may you continue to do so, you, and all your loved one. Tom and Andree.

  2. Hi –

    I’m a blogger with blogTO and I’m curious who is behind this blog. Is this another @RebelMayor from Twitter?

    If the author of this blog would be interested in talking about this site, I’d love to write an article about it. Please let me know at, thanks.


  3. Hello Your Worship:
    I am still your biggest fan. Literally. I worked for many people when you worked at 5100 Yonge Street. My best assignment was working for Bob Strupat. I really am glad you have this blog. Over the years, I have told my share of Mel Lastman stories. Not the least of which the day we met Mr. Weston. He was so excited to meet you at the office in the basement, when he jumped up, he ripped the side pocket out of his blazer when it got hooked on the arm of the chair. I have worked for many Mayors since you, but you were always the best.
    Keep writing.
    Patrick Nelson Marshall
    A Recovering North Yorker
    Vancouver Island, the only Island on the pacific that takes the Loonie at Par.

  4. Hey, what happened to rob ford’s blog
    i was really enjoying those entries

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