The heat of summer

Greetings Torontonians,

Your friend and former mayor here. I was taking a stroll the other day in the wretched humidity and decided to cut my walk short for fear that my asthma would hinder my ability to walk or control my bladder much longer.

I’d like to talk to you about the upcoming mayoral election. This one seems to be one of the more exciting elections I have seen in a while.

All of the candidates have taken interesting positions, most noticeably the flamboyant Rob Ford. I personally like Ford’s “no bullshit” approach to politics and his unprecedented, clear and concise views on race with respect to societal positioning and predetermined socioeconomic roles.

His wondrous temper has also garnered a feared reputation that has awakened a sleeping passion for me. I find myself watching a TV interview of him, pressing the mute button and watching his lips move silently on my screen.

Marilyn has caught me kneeling in front of the television several times with my hand placed gently on the screen; on his lips.

Take a look at his personal blog and drop him a line sometime to say hi.

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